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Do you want to build a strong business network?


Local Business

BNI Waikato Metro is part of the BNI (Business Network International) organisation which is a business and professional networking organisation that offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly to gain new business by the passing and receiving of referrals.

We are a group of highly motivated and supportive local Hamilton businesses who come together each week to help each other develop stronger more vibrant businesses.

Trust & Support

If you are in business and wish to grow your business then there is no more effective way than to use the power of "Word Of Mouth Marketing". BNI harnesses this power and helps members to grow and develop their businesses.

We welcome visitors to our meetings so they can see how and why the BNI system of Business Networking works. Please call one of our members if you would like more information or would like to visit.


Our membership is made up of forward-thinking and active Hamilton businesses. We all meet each week to pass business by referral.

Please click here to see our members list on the main BNI New Zealand website.


We meet EVERY week

We meet each week and follow a standard 18 point agenda that allows every member and guest to promote themselves and their businesses.

The BNI has been established and our processes refined over the last two decades at thousands of BNI chapters throughout the world.

If you do wish to come as a guest please be aware you will be asked to speak for around a minute about yourself and your business.

Please bring approximately 50 business cards for circulation to the group.

What is BNI

BNI is a network marketing organisation that is run by the members for the members. The meetings help members to benefit from the power of Word Of Mouth Marketing.

Network Marketing is not a passive way to build your business, it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. As we say in BNI, 'It is not net sit, it is not the stand, it is net WORK' .

If you do wish to come as a guest please be aware you WILL be given the opportunity to speak for a minute about yourself and your business. If you would like to visit and potentially become involved in this exciting business organisation why not visit us on Tuesday morning.


Harness the power of 'Givers Gain'